Review – Firefox Focus

Firefox previously launched Focus Web Browser on IOS, focusing on anonymously blocking and browsing the Internet, allowing you to access websites and browse the Internet without having to track your IP. Now, this application can also be used on Android and adds some functions. So we will review Firefox Focus.

Unfortunately, however, it omits the tag browsing feature, which makes the browser unavailable for multitasking. However, the simplicity and ability to load applications and open links more quickly is what this application is for.

This application is designed to satisfy customers’desire for higher Internet privacy through the tool’s built-in advertising interception. By default, the requested application blocks provide seamless experience and run smoothly and easily.

The home screen doesn’t have anything other than the bar to put in the URL. The settings contain only a few options. You can change the language by opening the options in the settings, default search, block ad trackers, and you can block analytic trackers, social content trackers, and other content trackers.

There is a hidden mode that can be closed to intercept screen shots, and also to view recently visited websites. Finally, you can choose to set this browser to the default browser. The browser’s ability to block ads is amazing, it shows you the amount of assets currently blocked, and it can save you data and resources by blocking ads and media resources.

When you open a Web site, it has a simple button that protects all caches and data sources through a Web browser, and when the application runs in the background, the application keeps running the notification icon to remind you to clear the data. If the site you are trying to access cannot be opened properly when you use the add blocker, just close it.