Firefox Focus for Android

I brought a Firefox focus this week, which you might have seen a few weeks ago, and this summer, which allows you to browse the Web without any ads or any online tracker.

The advantage of this is that you do not have to log in to anything. The annoyance may be that this isn’t a powerful browser, but it’s designed to be used when you don’t add trackers, analyzers, social trackers, content trackers when you want to be on the radar or when you want to be on the Internet, and it can destroy some videos and web pages, but at least what you get.

You can also hide web pages, and when you switch applications, if someone needs to use your phone, they don’t know what you’re looking at. If you don’t want to work with style guides, you can use a block network font, or you can choose to set it to the default browser if you prefer to browse safely. You can also choose whether to send anonymous data.

In addition, it is just a very simple pop and pop up browser. It’s very low-key, it’s free, you don’t need to log in, it’s better than stealth mode, because it has nothing to do with any account. Firefox’s focus is great.